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An Overview and Types of Lights for Night Fishing


Any keen angler knows that one of the best times to go fishing is at night as it is often more productive than daytime fishing. This is because many species of fish feed at night, which brings them closer to the surface. Similarly, the species that hunt by fee and smell are also more likely to come out from their place of hiding in a nightly hunt for food. Although nighttime is often more productive than daytime fishing, it poses anglers with a new set of challenges due to the lack of light. Therefore, anglers need additional equipment, such as night lights, to enjoy successful fishing expeditions. Here is an overview of why anglers need night lights for nighttime fishing and the different types of fishing night lights available.

Why Do Anglers Need Night Lights for Fishing?

Why Do Anglers Need Night Lights for FishingYou might choose to fish at night for greater productivity, but the lack of natural light can make it tricky for you to complete many tasks. Night lights offer you an artificial light source that can allow you to see what you are doing while you prepare bait, tackle up, and identify bites. A night light can also come in useful while eating if you have taken a packed lunch with you on your fishing trip. There are several different types of night lights for fishing from which you can choose, and these vary in terms of the beam distance, the light output, the design, and the price.

Lights for Night Fishing on Boats

Fishing in a boat gives you access to different species of fish, such as those whose natural habitat is deeper water. If your preference is to fish in a boat rather than sitting at the edge of the water, then you may need a light that can light up the whole boat, rather than create light with little throw that only provides light in your immediate area. Some also throw light into the water surrounding the boat, increasing your visibility of bites and attracting bugs to the surface of the water. Both blue lights and amber lights are available for boat fishing.

Fishing Night Lights for Attracting Fish

In addition to using light to see what you are doing, you might also wish to use a light source to attract fish to your area, thus increasing productivity. The reason that light attracts fish is that it attracts bugs. When the bugs land on the water, the fish see an opportunity for a food source and rise to the surface.  Various types of lights that attract fish to the surface are available, and some are best suited to freshwater fishing, while others are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Some attach directly to your rod and direct focused light into the water, and others sit by the water’s edge and create a glow of light over the surface. Lights intended to attract fish often use LED lights that emit a green glow.

Hands-Free Lights for Night Fishing

Holding a light while trying to complete fiddly tasks, such as preparing bait, is difficult if you also need to hold a light. Most fishing tasks require two hands and holding the light source leaves you with only one hand free. One solution to this is to opt for a hands-free light for night fishing. There are various options available that attach in different manners. Some clip on to your bag or clothing, while others have a stand or attach to your rod. The main benefit of these is that it leaves your hands free for other jobs.

Night Fishing Head Lamps

Another solution to the problem of only having one hand free if you are holding a light is to wear a headlight. These are generally fitted to a band that fits snugly around your head, and you can direct the light to where it is needed the most with your head movement. This is handy because you will usually need the light to focus on the place where you are looking, such as while concentrating on getting things out of your tackle box or rigging up your fishing rod.

Floating Lights

This is one of the most commonly used types of night fishing light. The light floats on the surface and the beam is focused downwards into the water. This attracts more fish and allows you to watch the activity underwater. Both LED and fluorescent options are available, and some have a handle so that they can also act as a spotlight, boat light, or camp light.

Tip Lights

A tip light attaches to the end of your rod. Its purpose is to alert you of any bites or activity without you needing to turn on a stronger light. These are generally powered by a rechargeable battery, and you can recharge some of them using your mobile phone. There are many sizes available, and some are adjustable so that you can use one light for multiple rods of different sizes.

Submersible Lights

One of the problems with floating lights is that they can attract too many bugs to one particular spot. Submersible lights were developed as a solution to this problem. These slide slightly below the surface to illuminate the water beneath. They are weighted internally so that they drop below the surface but do not sink.

Lights for Night Fishing- The Final Verdict

Lights for night fishing are a useful piece of kit for anyone who enjoys fishing at night. Having a decent light source can make many tasks so much simpler. It can also increase your fishing productivity and allow you to watch the activity below the surface. There are many different types of night lights for fishing available, and each type has pros and cons. Which you choose will depend on when and where you are fishing, along with your personal preferences.

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