best video lighting kit and buying guide

Best Video Lighting Kits on the Market with Buying Guide

Regardless of whether you are creating videos as a hobby, videoing to make YouTube clips, or you are a professional filmmaker, a lighting kit is an essential element of the equipment you will need. It is almost impossible to make good quality videos without using additional lighting. There is a vast choice of video lighting kits on the market, and each of these has its pros and cons. With so many options available, you might find it tricky to choose which is the best product for you. To help you out with the decision-making process, here are reviews of some of the best video lighting kits available along with a buying guide that outlines the things you need to consider when buying a video lighting kit.

The 11 Best Lighting Kits for Video

When it comes to choosing a lighting kit, there are many products to choose between. To give you some guidance of what is available, the following is reviews of some of the best lighting kits on the market now.

1.  Neewar 2×160 LCCED Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Lighting Kit for Digital Camera CamcorderNeewar 2x160 LED Dimmable

This is a fantastic option for those who are just starting in videography and filmmaking as it is one of the best value options available. Despite being a cheap video lighting kit, it is good quality and comes with an excellent range of accessories. It comes with a LED video light, a collapsible softbox, a battery pack replacement for a Sony Camcorder, and a carrying bag. There is also a lightweight aluminum light stand that is durable and has excellent locking capacity so that it is safe to use when you are videoing. Another group of people for which this kit is well-suited is YouTubers who are creating clips and short videos at home as the simple and compact design makes it one of the best video lighting kits for YouTube. The lights have both adjustable brightness and a pivotal head to adjust the position. They come complete with mounts so that you can attach them to stands to achieve the best angle possible.
•    Low price- Great value as this is one of the cheapest lighting kits included in the list at under $150.
•    Excellent battery- A battery that charges from home or on the road.
•    Comes with softbox- The collapsible softbox can soften the light while you are shooting which allows you to set different moods and create various effects.
•    Easy transportation and storage- This lightweight kit has several collapsible features and comes with a carry bag, so it is easy to transport and store.

•    No constant power source- These are battery-operated only, so there is not an option to use a constant power source.
•    Long recharging time- It takes a long time to charge the batteries in comparison to the length of time the battery provides power.
•    Tricky softbox set up- Reviewers have said that setting up the softbox is tricky as you need to wrap a stretchable cord around the softbox and light.



2. LED Video Light GVM 672S CRI97+ TLCI97+ 2200lux Dimmable Bi-Color 3200K-5600K Light Panel LED Video Light GVM 672S CRI97+ TLCI97+ 2200lux Dimmable Bi-Color 3200K-5600K

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this video lighting kit is aimed at those who are professional filmmakers rather than novices taking up videography for a hobby. This comprehensive kit includes three LED video lights, three soft filters, three soft filter brackets, three power adapters, three power cables, three light stands, one deluxe carrying case, and a remote control. It is a high-tech kit that is operated using a remote control for convenience. The remote control allows the user to adjust the dimness of the lights and set the angle. You simply select the light by number and then adjust each one accordingly so that one is set as the master light and the others are slave lights. There is a fantastic memory function that allows you to use the same settings the next time you return to shooting in the same location, which saves you time and hassle.
•    Easy to use- Thee remote control function means that this video lighting kit is one of the easiest to use and the memory function can save time and make sure you get the same lighting across two shoots.
•    Comprehensive- This is a comprehensive lighting kit with a wide selection of accessories needed for professional-standard filmography.
•    Adjustable lighting- The LED bulbs are durable and long-lasting, while the tungsten-daylight bulbs are variable from 3200-5600K.
•    Expensive- The price of this lighting kit means it is not one for those on a budget or those who video for fun. However, many who have bought it believe that the kit is worth the price.
•    Weak plastic- Although customers are satisfied with the function of the lights, there are some complaints about weak plastic parts 


3. Neewar 2-Pack Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED Video Light and Stand Lighting KitNeewar 2-Pack Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED Video Light

At under $200, this is another great budget option for those who need a lighting kit that is both cheap and good quality. Not only is this a great lighting kit for video-making, but it is just as suitable for photography and location shooting. It can create lots of different lighting effects as the lights contain bi-color dimmable LED bulbs that create a variable white balance from tungsten-daylight 3200-5600K color temperature. The softbox included with the kit will diffuse the light to create a softer lighting effect. Furthermore, the adjustable light stands mean that you can set the light at exactly the right height and angle. There are two durable carry bags included with the kit so that each light is easily transported and stored.
•    Durable materials- The stands and light casings are made from aluminum, which is both lightweight and durable.
•    Great accessories- Comes with a softbox diffuser, light stands, mount brackets, and carry cases.
•    Adjustable features- There are many adjustable features with this kit, including the light temperature, the stands, and the mount brackets.
•    Lightweight- The lighting kit is designed for people who will shoot videos in more than one location and need a lightweight kit. This is thanks to the lightweight materials and the collapsible elements of the lighting kit.
•    No battery- The battery is not included with the kit, so this is a piece of equipment that you must buy separately.
•    Tricky to set the light- Some users have said that setting the color temperature is tricky as the white and yellow brightness lights are controlled independently.


4. SAMTIAN LED Video Light 600 LED Camera Studio Light KitSAMTIAN LED Video Light 600 LED

For those looking for a lighting kit under $200, this is one of the most comprehensive kits available now. The kit comes with two LED lights with adjustable stands, a wireless remote control, four Li-ion batteries, two transparent filters, two orange filters, two power adapters, two light panels, two hot shoe adapters, and one carry bag. One of the best features of this lighting kit is the brightness that the bulbs can achieve, as they can get as bright as twice the brightness of energy-saving lights and eight times the brightness of incandescent lights. This lighting kit is versatile as you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

•    Multiple power supply- Unlike many video lighting kits, this lighting kit allows for multiple power supplies. You can use it with a constant power source or the batteries that are included. This means it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
•    Remote-controlled- Easily adjust the brightness of the lights using the wireless remote control, which works up to six meters from the lights.
•    Bright lights- Brighter lighting than many lighting kits from competitors, although it is simple to create dinner and softer lighting.
•    Versatility- This is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and comes with a good selection of accessories. Therefore, it is a versatile lighting kit that you can use in a variety of settings and for both photography and film.
•    No color temperature control- The wireless remote control only adjusts the brightness of the lights, not the temperature control.
•    Poor batteries- Although the batteries supplied are rechargeable, they soon lose their charge. Some people have quickly replaced the batteries for ones of better quality.


5. SAMTIAN 2-Pack 240PCS Dimmable LED Video Light 3200K 5600K Panel Light and 79-Inches Stand Lighting KitSAMTIAN 2-Pack 240PCS Dimmable LED Video Light 3200K 5600K Panel Light

Despite the exceptionally low price of this lighting kit, it is getting good reviews as it is a good quality product that does exactly what it says. This is one of the best video lighting kits for YouTube, although it is also suitable for making other videos and for photography. One of the reasons this is so god for filming YouTube Clips is because it is possible to attach the light panels to either a tripod or the camera. It can create many different lighting effects as each of the LED light panels is adjustable to 10 levels of brightness. This is a lightweight lighting kit that comes with a durable carry bag for easy storage and transportation.

•    10 brightness levels- The 10 levels of brightness you can choose on these LED light panels mean that you can create different moods and effects for a variety of situations.
•    Hot shoe mount- The hot shoe mount is universally compatible meaning that it is easy to attach the light panels to either a tripod or the camera.
•    Lightweight- As this video lighting kit is so lightweight, it is easy to assemble, transport, and store away.
•    Low cost- A fantastic option for those with a limited budget and the low price is not a reflection of the quality of this product.
•    Limited accessories- Does not come with a filter, diffusers, reflectors, or a softbox, so you would need to buy these separately if they are accessories you need to use.


6. GVM RGB LED on Camera Light Full Color Output Video Light KitGVM RGB LED on Camera Light Full Color Output Video Light Kit

If you are making videos or having fun with photography as a hobby or you are just videoing for YouTube, then this lighting kit is a good option. It only contains one light panel, so it is not intended for use on professional film shoots that require a wide range of lighting effects. It attaches to your camera for easy and convenient use, and this means that you can use it in any setting. The lighting kit includes a magnet filter to create softer light shots. It is a compact and lightweight kit that you can carry around with you anywhere, so it is ideal for vlogging. This lighting kit is an easy to use option that has two controls; one to adjust the brightness and the other to adjust the color. In addition to the light panel, the kit includes a filter, a hot shoe, a charger, a built-in battery LED light, and a storage bag.
•    Portable- The lightweight aluminum housing and the compact size means that this is a portable lighting kit.
•    Easy to use- Simple to attach to the camera and includes to easy to use controls for brightness and color.
•    Great for vlogging- The size, portability, and simplicity of this lighting kit makes it one of the best video lighting kits for YouTube and vlogging.
•    Only one light included- As this lighting kit only has one light panel, it has limited uses and is not suitable for professional filmography unless additional equipment is bought.
•    Poor batteries- Some problems with charging reported.


7. Neewer Background Support System and 800W 5500K Umbrellas Softbox Continuous Lighting KitNeewer Background Support System and 800W 5500K Umbrellas Softbox

A professional standard lighting kit for a low price, this is a good value option for professionals in photography or filmography. This comprehensive kit includes four adjustable light stands, two single headlight holders, four CFL daylight bulbs, two umbrellas, two softboxes, Muslin backdrops in white, green, and gray, a background stand support, six backdrop clamps, a carry bag for the continuous lighting system, and a carry bag for the background support system. There are many adjustable features to this system, so you can create many different moods and effects in a variety of settings.

•    Comprehensive kit- A wide range of accessories are included for different types of lighting.
•    Easily portable- The two carry bags mean that this system is easily transportable, and you can store the backdrop and continuous lighting elements of the system separately.
•    Versatile- This lighting kit is suitable for video or photography, for studio use, for use on location, and heavy-duty work.
•    Flimsy backdrop- Some customers have described the backdrop as flimsy, difficult to attach, delicate, and badly fitting.
•    Cheap materials- As the low price would suggest, some of the materials are cheap. Many elements are made of plastic and the sippers on the cases are poor quality


8. FOSITAN LED Video Light with 2M Stand Bi-Color 3960 Lux 200 SMD CRI 96+ U-Bracket LCD Display Metal Shell Video Light KitFOSITAN LED Video Light with 2M Stand Bi-Color 3960 Lux 200 SMD

An affordable option, this lighting kit contains two U-bracket LED video lights, two adjustable light stands, two power adapters, two white filters, and two portable bags. The lights have a wide light angle and a realistic color production thanks to the high CRI. The bi-color LED video lights can produce everything from soft natural light to a pure white light because of the 13-level temperature adjustment. This kit is suitable for outdoor shooting, YouTube videography, and studio photography. Many elements of this kit are made from aluminum, which means that it is lightweight and easily portable. The aluminum also means that this kit has high heat dissipation.
•    13 light levels- Almost any mood and lighting is possible thanks to the 13 levels of light adjustment.
•    Lightweight and portable- This kit is easy to assemble and very portable because it is made from lightweight aluminum.
•    Multifunctional- You can use the light panels on the adjustable stands provided, position them on the ground, or use them on a raised surface. This means that you can set the lighting at the right height to get the best light.
•    Poor fit- Some feedback reveals that the light panels are a little wobbly when attached to the adjustable stands.
•    Small lights- The lights are smaller than those on some other lighting kits. However, the lights work well, so this is not a big issue.


9. Neewer 2 Packs Super Slim LED Video Light with Light Stand Photography Lighting KitNeewer 2 Packs Super Slim LED Video Light with Light Stand

There are six levels of brightness to choose and the color temperature is adjustable from 3200K to 5600K. The brightness and color temperature are adjustable using two separate dimmer knobs. The kit is made from premium materials that are both durable and lightweight, so it is easy to take from one shoot to the next. Similarly, the kit is easy to set up, so this adds an element of convenience to choosing this kit as it will save you time. The stands are adjustable, so you can set the lights at exactly the right angle and height to create the lighting effect you need. Included with the kit are two LED video lights, two mount bases, two batteries, two USB chargers, two adjustable light stands, and one user manual containing instructions and guidance.
•    Adjustability- The adjustable elements of this lighting kit include the stands, the brightness, and the color temperature.
•    Lightweight and durable- This kit is made from premium materials that are lightweight enough to make the kit easily portable, and durable enough to withstand some wear and tear both indoors and outdoors.
•    LCD display screen- Information about the color temperature and brightness settings are shown on a clear LCD display screen.
•    Power adaptor not included- It is recommended that this kit is powered using a power adaptor when working indoors, but this is not supplied with the kit and you must buy it separately.


10. VILTROX 3-Pieces Ultra-Thin Bi-Color LED Video Lighting KitVILTROX 3-Pieces Ultra-Thin Bi-Color LED Video Lighting Kit

This lighting kit has a rather different appearance to other lighting kits as it has round lighting panels that look rather smart. It is the perfect setup for three-point lighting as three bi-color LED video lights are included. Other items included with this kit are three adjustable light stands, three hot shoe adapters, three power adapters, and three portable carrying cases. The fact that each light has a separate carrying case limits the potential for damage as the lights and stands won’t bang or scrape against each other. The lights have adjustable brightness and color temperature. A dimmer setting adjusts the brightness between 20 and 100 percent. The color temperature range is between 3300K and 5600K. Both the brightness and the color temperature are adjusted using the LCD display.

•    Good quality stands- The stands are made from good quality and lightweight aluminum that means they are durable and easy to carry. They are adjustable so you can set the lights to the right height and angle.
•    A smart appearance-The appearance of these lights is smart and noticeable thanks to the round panels.
•    Two power supply options- You can use this kit with both lithium batteries and a DC power supply.
•    Adjustments via LCD display- The adjustments to the color temperature and brightness are east to make using the clear LCD display.
•    Lithium batteries not included- Although the product uses lithium batteries for indoor use, these are not included.
•    Lack of accessories- This kit is lacking in accessories compared to other video lighting kits, so you would need to buy these separately.


11. Neewer Bi-Color 660 LED Video Light and Stand KitNeewer Bi-Color 660 LED Video Light and Stand Kit

If you only need one light for basic filming and photography, then this is a good and affordable option. Along with the single bi-color LED light, the kit includes a U-bracket, a barn door, a white diffuser, a power adapter, a power cable, a US plug, a carrying case, and an adjustable light stand. The light contains both white and yellow LED long-lasting bulbs. This light illuminates with a variable white balance from tungsten-daylight from 3200K to 5600K color temperature. Softer light is achieved using the provided diffuser. Not only can you adjust the height of the stand, but you can also adjust the angle of the light using the mount bracket. It is possible to use the panel on the ground, a flat surface, or on the stand, so there are multiple shooting options.
•    Adjustable options- The height and angle of the light are adjusted using the stand, and the color temperature is also adjustable.
•    Good accessories- Despite this kit having only one light, it comes with some excellent accessories for successful filming and photography.
•    Durable carry bag- The carry bag is sturdy and durable, meaning it provides excellent protection to your light panel.
•    Poor battery- Like many other lighting kits, some people had problems charging the battery to get the lights working.
•    Additional equipment needed- You will probably need to buy extra equipment to go with this basic kit, especially for professional filming and photography where different lighting is needed.


Things to Consider When Buying a Lighting Kit

With so many lighting kits to choose between, it is important to understand the different components of the different kits available. You also need to know what the various options are and what to look for in your video lighting kit. It is important that you determine your lighting needs, as this will make a difference to which components are most important. The following is an overview of the different points you need to consider when buying a video lighting kit.

Number of Lights

The first thing you should consider is the number of lights you need. This may depend on whether you are a novice behind the camera or a professional filmmaker. It can also depend on the types of video you intend to create, and the effects used during the creation. Some of the options include:
•    One light and a reflector– If you are a novice and you do not want to spend a lot of money on a lighting kit, then one light and a reflector can achieve some decent results without lots of different lighting effects.
•    Two lights– Opting for a kit with a key light and a second light that can act as either a fill light or a backlight is enough for simple videography. If you are not a professional who needs to use a variety of lighting effects, you might find that this is a cost-effective and simple option.
•    Three-point light system– Many people consider a three-point light system the standard technique of filmmaking and a video lighting kit with three lights as the basis for building a lighting kit.
•    Four lights– For professionals who intend to use various lighting techniques, a kit with four lights is often the better option.

Light Bulb Types

Once you have decided on the number of lights, you should compare the different types of lights available. There are generally four types of light bulb from which you can choose, and there are pros and cons to each.
•    Incandescent– Also known as a tungsten bulb, an incandescent bulb has a yellow glow. On the plus side, these lights are the most inexpensive option. On the other hand, they have relatively low wattage, do not produce much light, and have a short burn life.
•    Fluorescent– In recent years, fluorescent lights have become more widely used as they use less power and give off less heat than halogen and incandescent bulbs. They produce a light that is soft and even, and a further advantage is that you can switch the tubes from indoor cool temperature bulbs and outdoor color temperature bulbs.
•    Halogen– Also called quartz lamps, halogen bulbs are the most popular option in video production. The bulbs burn bright and produce a steady, white light. They also have a long burn life, which makes them a cost-effective option. The cons of this type of life are that they are too hot to touch, and they have a high power consumption.
•    HMI– These are generally only used by professionals in the video and film industries. They are used either to supplement the light outdoors or to create an outdoor light effect indoors. These lights are very expensive.

Lighting Kit Features

When shopping for a video lighting kit, you will see many features available. Some of these include:
•    Adjustable beam spread– Allows you to switch between a flood of light and focused light.
•    Portability– A portable lighting kit is lightweight, easy to take down, and comes with a carry case. This is an important feature if you travel a lot and shoot in different locations.
•    Stand height– The best option is to choose a video lighting kit with an adjustable stand height. It is also important that the light stands are made from durable materials.

Light Accessories

Many lighting kits also contain an array of accessories. These can vary significantly from one lighting kit to the next. Some of the most important to look out for include:
•    Barndoors– Two or four metal doors are used to control the spill of light. They are also used to create shafts of light.
•    Gels– These are used as artistic tools to correct the light. The best video lighting kits will include neutral density gels, diffusion gels, and color correction gels.
•    Gel frame– This allows you to use gels and other accessories.
•    Mounts– Using mounts allows you to get the light where it is needed. There are various types of mounts available, including clamps, scissor clips, and door hangers.
•    Scrims– Used to decrease the intensity of light, a scrim is a metal screen placed at the front of the light. They are available in various densities that allow you to control the light. A half scrim covers only one half of the light, thus allowing you to create two light densities from one light.
•    Softbox– Similar to an umbrella, a softbox transforms an intense spot of light into a soft light that is softer and more even than the light created with an umbrella. It can help you to create
•    Umbrella– This is used to create soft light from intense light. As an intense light bounces off or shines through the umbrella, the light is spread out and the intensity is decreased.

Reflectors and Diffusers

Many video lighting kits also include a reflector and a diffuser. Consider the following points:
•    Color– Typical colors in which reflectors are available include white, silver, and gold. White reflectors create a diffused white light, silver reflectors create a shaper light, and gold reflectors are good for warming up skin tones and simulating the early morning and late afternoon light.
•    Portability– If you travel a lot and shoot in different locations, you should opt for diffusers and reflectors that are lightweight and fold down into a compact unit that is easy to carry.
•    Size– Larger is not always better as large reflectors and diffusers are less portable, more difficult to manage, more expensive, and can disappear in the wind if you use them outdoors. In this case, smaller is often better.
•    Shape– How the light is manipulated depends on the shape of the diffuser or reflector. Also, square reflectors are usually rigid, while round ones are collapsible and rectangular diffusers and reflectors give a wider spread of light.
•    Surface– Reflectors have either a smooth or pebbled surface. The former reflects the light source while maintaining the intensity, while the latter soften and diffuse the light.


For many people, price is another important consideration. The prices of lighting kits can vary greatly, so it is important to compare prices carefully. In terms of the price, think about these points.

•    The price does not always reflect the quality or practicality of a video lighting kit, so spending more will not always get better results.
•    Factors that influence the price include the number of pieces of equipment, the brand, whether accessories are included, the materials and features, the size of the kit.
•    Buying online can often save money as online retailers usually sell at lower prices than brick-and-mortar stores because they have fewer overheads to cover.

The Best Video Lighting Kits- The Final Verdict

There are plenty of options available when it comes to buying a video lighting kit, and each product will suit different people as every lighting kit has pros and cons. One of the best video lighting kits overall is the SAMTIAN 2-Pack 240PCS Dimmable LED Video Light 3200K 5600K Panel Light and 79-Inches Stand Lighting Kit. This has a good range of accessories and the light is adjustable to 10 levels. It is also a lightweight and affordable option.

In terms of accessories and lighting option, the best lighting kit for video is the LED Video Light GVM 672S CRI97+ TLCI97+ 2200lux Dimmable Bi-Color 3200K-5600K Light Panel with Digital Display. This includes the accessories needed for professional videography and photography, so it is the best option for professionals.
The best video lighting kit for YouTube is the GVM RGB LED on Camera Light Full Color Output Video Light Kit. The size, portability, and simplicity of this video lighting kit make it ideal for vlogging. As the light panel attaches to your camera, you can take it anywhere with you for indoor and outdoor shooting.

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