Best Party Lights Product Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Party Lights Product Reviews and Buying Guide

To create the perfect party, there are many different elements that you need to plan. You might need to arrange food, music, entertainment, drinks, and decorations. Another factor that you should consider is the lighting for your party. There are many ways that lighting can contribute, in terms of both the practical aspects of lighting and also to the decorative theme. You will find many different party lights products available, and each has its own uses and features. The following is a review of some of the best party lights on the market now, along with a buying guide that outlines the factors you should consider when choosing lights for your party.

TheĀ  11 Best Party Lights on the marketĀ 

Although there is a vast choice of part lights available, the following are 11 of the best products available. Each review gives an overview of the product along with the main pros and cons of each.

1. Nurxiovo LED Par Lights Uplights RGB Stage Lighting with Sound Control

Nurxiovo LED Par Lights Uplights RGB Stage Lighting with Sound ControlA set of eight powerful LED stage lights, this product creates light spots on the wall similar to the effect created by a disco ball. It gives a bright light that creates a fun atmosphere at any party. It uses top-quality LED bulbs and has a hard and durable plastic casing, which means that you can move it from one place to another without worrying about damaging your light. There is also a solid handle for easy transportation. The lights are multicolored, with red, blue, and green bulbs. There are seven different modes that you can use to create different effects, including static color, strobe, color-changing, automatic, master-slave, color fade, and DMX. It is possible to connect the light to a music supply so that the lights function along with the beat of the music. This product offers a stable lighting performance and has low power consumption.


  • Durable- Made from good quality materials that can stand the test of time.
  • Transportable- Strong handles that fold down to become light stands for easy transportation and positioning.
  • Good mode options- The seven modes allow you to easily switch effects to create different atmospheres at your party.


  • Short power cords- As these have only short power cords, you are limited to where you can use them.
  • They get warm- Some customers have noted that the lights get hot after around one hour of use.


2. Stage Lights, Sound Activated RGB Party Lights DJ Lighting

Stage Lights, Sound Activated RGB Party Lights DJ LightingIf you want a single light that can produce a wide range of colors, patterns, and effects, then this is a good option for you. It is suitable for using placed on the floor or a surface, or you can hang it from the ceiling. This allows you to position the light however you wish. This light has a remote control so that you can easily operate switch from one mode to another. There are two sound-activated modes and eight lighting modes that create multiple patterns in various colors. Alternatively, you can control the modes using the professional DMX option. It is also possible to control the speed of the rotation. This light has a low power consumption, which means it has a longer lifespan.


  • Dual controls- You can switch modes using either the professional DMX control or the remote control for convenience.
  • Multiple placement options- Position the light on the floor, on the stage, or hung from the ceiling for perfect light positioning.
  • Multiple modes- There are plenty of options with this light as there are eight lighting modes, two sound-activated modes, and adjustable speed rotation.


  • Incompatible plug- The only downside of this light is that it comes with an F-type plug that is not compatible with US power outlets. However, it is possible to buy a cheap adaptor to use with this light.

3. SANSI 30W LED RGB Flood Light IP66 Waterproof Outdoor Color Changing Floodlight with Remote Control

SANSI 30W LED RGB Flood Light IP66 Waterproof Outdoor Color Changing Floodlight with Remote ControlThis is one of the best disco lights for those who are hosting parties at outdoor venues, and it is also one of the best options for colored party lights. It has four modes and 16 colors that you can operate using the remote control provided. The modes include flash, strobe, smooth, and fade. You can also adjust the brightness of the lights to create different moods. There is a memory function that remembers the last mode you used, and the sensitive sensor means that you can operate several lights from one control up to a distance of 49 feet. It is ideal for outdoor use as it is waterproof and flame-resistant, although you can also use it indoors. The lights are made using a patented technology that means the lights cool quickly and they have a long lifespan, thus reducing the need to replace the lights.


  • Excellent mode options- The four modes and 16 colors mean that there are multiple ways you can use this disco light.
  • Strong remote controls- The remote control can operate multiple lights from a long distance, and it has a memory function.
  • Great for outdoor use- As this product is waterproof, it is suitable for use in all weathers at an outdoor event.
  • Low cost- This is a good option for those looking for the best budget party light as it costs significantly less than many other disco lights.


  • Weak light- Although the brightness is adjustable, customer feedback suggests that the brightest setting is not very bright.

4.Mini Moving Head Stage Light RGBW 4-in-1 DMX512 Beam Spot LED Lighting Effect

Mini Moving Head Stage Light RGBW 4-in-1 DMX512 Beam Spot LEDA lightweight and super bright light, this product has a moving head that directs light patterns to different points around the room. There are four modes available; master-slave, sound-activated, automatic, and DMX512. You can create a magical lighting effect using the RGBW color, which has a super beam spot. It will stand stable on any flat surface, and it comes with a mounting bracket so that you can mount it on a truss. Included with the moving head light is a cable, a manual, a bracket, and two screws.



  • Moving head- The moving head direct directs light to different points in the venue.
  • Position options- It can stand on a flat surface or you can mount it using the bracket provided.
  • Four modes- There are four mode options to create a fun party atmosphere.


  • No color blending- Unlike many other party lights, the four colors do not blend. This means you get four separate spots of colored light.
  • Poor cables- Some reports of the cables provided not working well.

5. WELKEY PLUS 2-Pack 80W UV LED Black Light Flood Light with PlugWELKEY PLUS 2-Pack 80W UV LED Black Light Flood Light with Plug

The scientific design of this product includes an elegant and slimline fair shaped design, and each light contains 72 high-quality and strong ultraviolet LED chips. They have a 50,000-hour lifespan and offer high-frequency and flicker-free lighting. It can cover a large space thanks to the wide beam angle, and the lights care suitable for both indoor and outdoor use because they are waterproof. The unique thermal control technology is a feature in these lights, and this ensures lower heat for safer use and a longer lifespan. They are made from good quality and durable materials, including a high-strength tempered lens and aluminum alloy housing. One of the best features of these lights is that they are fluorescent reactive and will illuminate ant reactive pigments and dyes with a black light. This adds an element of fun to any party.


  • Fluorescent reactive- You can add an element of fun to your party with these lights as they illuminate anything with a reactive pigment.
  • Long lifespan- With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this product has one of the best lifespans on the market.
  • High-quality and durable- The high-quality materials mean that this is a durable product.


  • Connection- The lights have a relatively short cable, so you need to position them close to a power outlet or use a waterproof extension for outdoor use.

6. Litake Party Lights Disco Ball Strobe Light Disco Lights

Litake Party Lights Disco Ball Strobe Light Disco LightsFor those who are looking for budget party lights for their event, this pair of disco lights is an excellent option. Despite the low price of this pair of lights, they have a lot to offer. There are three sound-activated modes, plus seven further party lighting modes with options for flash and adjustable speed and flash control. This pair of lights come with two remote controls to select the various modes and adjust the speed. You can stand the lights or attach them to the wall or ceiling. The set includes a flexible tripod for mid-height lighting.


  • Low cost- This is one of the cheapest disco lights available, but still offers the same functions as more expensive products.
  • Remote controls- The controls provided offer a convenient way to switch between the multiple modes available.
  • Versatile- The handles switch to a stand for sitting on a flat surface, and the tripod and wall bracket provided give additional placement options.


  • Cheap materials- As the price would suggest, these lights are made from cheap and flimsy materials. Although they are fantastic for occasional parties, they are not best suited to professional DJs.

7. Onfuru 3-Pack 24W UV LED Black Light Bar

Onfuru 3-Pack 24W UV LED Black Light BarIdeal for adding an element of fun to your party, this 3-pack of fluorescent lights will illuminate anything with a reactive pigment. As there are three lights included in the pack, you can position them at various points around the venue. Each of the lights features 48 high-quality 24W ultraviolet LED bulbs that have a 50,000-hour lifespan, offer high power efficiency, and have a 120-degree wide beam angle. The lights are made from durable and good-quality materials, including an aluminum alloy housing unit that is corrosion and shock-resistant.


  • The fun factor- These lights have the fun factor as they are fluorescent reactive.
  • Long lifespan- The lifespan of 50,000 hours is comparable to some of the best party lights on the market.
  • Good quality- The housing unit is made from good quality and durable aluminum alloy that is shock and corrosion-resistant.


  • Low brightness- The main disadvantage of this product is that the lights are not very bright, so they are not ideal for large venues.

8. SAHAUHY 2-in-1 Professional Stage Lights

SAHAUHY 2-in-1 Professional Stage LightsTargeted at professionals but just as suitable for those who are hosting their own event, this party light is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. It is made from good quality materials, including a housing manufactured from high-quality aluminum alloy. Inside the housing, there is a built-in fan intended for heat dissipation, so the light does not get too hot. The mode options on this light include sound-activated, master/ slave, and auto-play. There is the option to control the modes using DMX or a remote. The multicolored LED lights allow you to project bursts of white, purple, orange, red, green, blue, or yellow.


  • Dual control- You can choose to control the light modes with either remote or DMX.
  • Transportable- This is a lightweight light that comes with a carry handle, so it is easily transportable.
  • Built-in fan- A common problem with party lights is that they get hot quickly. This is not a problem with these lights as they have a built-in fan for heat dissipation.


  • Confusing- Some people found it tricky to work out how to switch between the different modes.
  • Noisy- The lightbox makes a noise when it is transitioning from one mode to the next, but this is only noticeable in a quiet environment.

9. Betopper DJ Stage Light 8x8W Super Bright

Betopper DJ Stage Light 8x8W Super BrightThese dual-sweeper lights each have eight bulbs that can create a range of stunning light and color effects. The modes include sound-activated, master/ slave, and DMX 512. They have daisy chain support, which means they are easy to use and multi-purpose. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, you can use these for many parties and events. The bulbs are set into moving heads, so the light flashes in different directions around the fun.



  • Lifespan- You will get up to 50,000 hours use out of these lights.
  • Various modes- A good selection of modes gives you the option to create different moods and effects at your party.


  • Basic- Some consumers think that the mode options are very basic for the price.
  • Cheap materials- The materials feel cheap in comparison to comparable products.

10. Easy Dancing Par Lighting for Stage

Easy Dancing Par Lighting for StageFour lights are included in this set, along with a remote control for each of the lights. This means you have one for every corner of your party venue. There are seven modes to create different lighting and color effects, including color-changing, color fade, static color, auto, master/ slave, DMX, and sound-activated. Both the sound sensitivity and the speed are adjustable using the remote controls provided. Each light has a handle that folds down to act as a stand. These also act as a mounting bracket if you wish to fix them to a wall or truss.


  • Three set-up options- Stand, wall-mount, or hang from a truss.
  • Great setting options- Seven light modes with adjustable speed and sound sensitivity.
  • Four lights included- As there are four lights, you can focus the lights on the areas they are most needed or disperse them around the room.


  • Poor housing- The housing is made from a thin plastic.
  • Flickering- Some customers have noted some flickering of the lights.

11. MARYGEL Stage Lights 4-in-1 Mixed Effect Sound-Activated RGBW LED Pattern Lights

MARYGEL Stage Lights 4-in-1 Mixed Effect Sound-Activated RGBWA professional standard disco or stage light, this light offers an excellent selection of modes that are suitable for a wide range of events. Some of the modes include DMX control, sound-activated, master/ slave, and auto mode. There is the option to control these modes using a remote device. The lights also offer a selection of lighting pattern effects, including strobe, butterfly pattern, and rotating lights. You can put this light unit on a flat surface or mount it to the wall if you intend to use it in the same venue on a permanent basis. Thanks to the intelligent heat dissipation, there is heat dissipation when the unit is in use.


  • Excellent mode options- There is a good selection of lighting, color, and pattern options that you can control using the remote control.
  • No overheating problems- Overheating is not an option thanks to the intelligent heat dissipation design.


  • Tricky to use- Some people have found this difficult to use with vague instructions.
  • Remote control issues- Some issues with the remote control have been reported. However, the manufacturers advise that removing the batteries and then putting them back in is a simple solution to this problem.

Best Party Lights Buying Guide

As there are so many party lights to choose between, it is important to consider your needs and the different features available. The following guide gives an overview of some of the considerations you should make when deciding which is the best product for you.

Purpose and Types of Light

One of the most important considerations you should make is what purpose you want the lights to serve at the party. There are several different types of lights to choose between, and you cannot decide which are best for your event unless you have decided on the purpose they will serve.

  • Disco lights- If you want your party lights to create an atmosphere that encourages your guests to get up on the dancefloor, then disco lights are the best option. There are lots of different types of lights in this category, including strobe lights, disco balls, stage lights, laser lights, and flashing lights.
  • Decorative lights- Lights are also used for decorative purposes at parties, as they can improve the look of the venue and help to create the right ambiance. Candle lights and LED tea lights are just two examples of how you can add lights to the tables as decorations. You can also add lights to the walls to create a warm glow or romantic mood using string lights or fairy lights.
  • Outdoor lights- If all or part of your event is being held outdoors, then it is important that you choose lighting that is suitable for outdoor use for safety purposes.
  • LED lights- These are a popular option now, and they simply refer to any type of party lights that use LED bulbs.
  • Themed lights- You may wish to consider themed lights for different types of events. For example, you can find ghosts and pumpkin lights for Halloween or heart-shaped lights for weddings, engagements, and anniversary parties.

Size of the Space

The space in your venue is something else to think about. This is because the size of the room is relevant to the number of lights you need to buy if you intend to have lighting around the whole room. You should also think about whether you will divide the space into zones that require different lighting. For example, you may want only decorative lights in the seating area, but you may need disco lights around the dance floor. Likewise, if your event has an indoor area and an outdoor space, it is likely that you will need different types of light.

Powering the Lights

There are two main ways that party lights are powered; either they are battery operated or they require electricity from a mains power supply. There are pros and cons to each of these options.

  • Battery-operated- The benefits of these is that you can position them anywhere, and most are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. On the downside, some battery-operated lights do not work for long before they need replacement batteries, but this varies from one product to another.
  • Mains power- Lights that use main power supplies often last longer and they do not have the additional expense of replacing batteries. On the downside, you can only position the lights close to the source of the power, or you will require a long lead or extension to position the lights elsewhere. Also, these are not always a safe option for outdoor use.


A further consideration to make is how the party lights are operated. Some simply require turning on and off, and others have multiple functions.

  • Button controls- Lights that only have one function often have a single button control that acts as the on-off function. However, some multifunctional lights also have a single button. You press the button multiple times to control the different functions.
  • Slide controls- Another option is a slide control. There are ones that simply switch on and off, and others that slide to different positions for various functions.
  • Remote controls- If you intend to use the lights often, then it is worth investing in party lights with remote control. These are convenient and easy to use without the need to fiddle with small buttons.


If you are buying disco or stage type party lights, then you will probably prefer lights that have several different functions so that you can create a variety of effects. Consider the following points:

  • Lighting modes- One of the most important functions of party lights is the lighting modes. This is the different effects that you can create with the lights, such as constant, strobe, patterns, DMX, color change, auto, master/ slave, and DMX.
  • Color options- Although some lights are available with only white or ultraviolet bulbs, there are others that feature a selection of colors. These can create interesting effects as they switch from one color to the next or combine several colors at the same time.
  • Adjustable features- Some disco lights have the option to adjust some of the features. These may include light rotation speed, light brightness, and sound sensitivity.


For many people, the price of party lights is a significant factor in their decision. In terms of the price, think about the following:

  • How much you spend on your party lights is only a proportion of your overall party budget. Set your party budget first and then estimate the costs you will spend on different aspects of the party so that you can set a budget for your party lights.
  • The factors that impact the price of party lights include the type of lights, the size or length, the quality, the brand, the materials, and any features.
  • The price does not always reflect the quality, and you can save money by shopping online.

Best Party Lights- The Final Verdict

With so many products available, finding the best party lights for you is potentially tricky and confusing. Hopefully, you have found these product reviews and the buying guide useful in making your purchasing decision. Although each product has its own pros and cons, there are some that stand out against the rest.

The overall best party lights are the SANSI 30W LED RGB Flood Light IP66 Waterproof Outdoor Color Changing Floodlight with Remote Control. These reasonably priced lights have a great selection of modes and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They also have an excellent remote control that is sensitive and includes a memory function.

For those on a budget who intend to use their party lights for personal parties and not for professional use, the Litake Party Lights Disco Ball Strobe Light Disco Lights are a great choice. These lightweight and fun lights are extremely versatile, and they have multiple modes that you can control using the remote control provided.

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