Product Reviews of the Best Light for Night Fishing

Best Light for Night Fishing

Often, fishing at night is more productive, so many anglers prefer to head out at night. Despite increased productivity, night fishing poses some additional challenges. These are predominantly associated with the lack of light. Tasks including setting up the bait, arranging your tackle, and spotting fish in the water are all trickier in the hours of darkness. Anglers who go out at night also

use light to increase productivity as the light attracts fish. Therefore, a night light for fishing is a useful piece of kit to carry in your tackle bag. If you are considering buying a night light for fishing, then the following guide will help you to identify the different factors you need to consider when making your decision. There are also product reviews of 11 of the best lights for night fishing on the market now for additional guidance.

Reviews of the 11 Best Night Lights for Fishing

There are many different night light products available that are specifically for fishing. With so many products to choose between, you may find it tricky to make your decision. The following are reviews of some of the best products on the market to help you come to a decision.

1. Mylivell Flashlight Outdoor Fishing Gloves

Mylivell Flashlight Outdoor Fishing GlovesWearable lights can offer a practical solution to directing the light to where you need it the most while leaving your hands free to complete other tasks. The gloves cover the palms and back of your hand, with finger section for the thumb and index finger. Each glove has an LED light on the index finger and thumb so that you can point the lights to specific spots. They are simply operated using the on/off button on the back of the glove. They are made from a comfortable, breathable, and stretchy cotton. 30-hour batteries are included, and a screwdriver is supplied for battery replacement. This is a versatile product as you can use the gloves for many other purposes, and they will keep your hands warm while leaving your fingers free to complete tasks.


  • Focused lighting- It is easy to direct the light to where it is needed.
  • Comfortable- Made from good quality materials, these gloves are comfortable to wear.
  • Accessories included- Both batteries and a screwdriver for convenient battery replacement are included.
  • Low cost- This is a decent quality product at a very low cost.


  • Light gets into your eyes- Some users say that the light gets into your eyes as you are moving your hands.
  • Small finger holes- Possibly better-suited to people with smaller hands as the finger holes are quite tight.

2. Thkfish Fishing Rod Tip Glow Sticks

Thkfish Fishing Rod Tip Glow SticksIf you want a low-cost product that will last for a long time, then this is a good option. There are 100 glow sticks included in a pack, and each of these has a lifespan of eight hours. You will only need to pack one or two in your tackle bag for an overnight fishing expedition. This is great if you are trying to pack lightly for your fishing trip. The lights offer maximum visibility of 177 meters and glow extremely bright. You attach the glow sticks to the tip of the rod, which is quick and easy to do. The light attracts the fish, so it can increase your productivity. It will not hamper the rod or the line in any way.


  • Lightweight- One of the best options for those keeping the weight of their tackle bag to a minimum.
  • Long-lasting- Eight hours of light out of each light and 100 are included in the pack.
  • Great visibility- Offers visibility up to 177 meters.
  • Easy to use- Simple attachment to rod tip without hampering the rod or line.


  • Leaky- If the glow sticks are left in the heat they leak.
  • Fitting issues- These do not fit on thick rods, so check the size before buying.

3. WALLYLINE Scalable Blue LED 3-Mode Long-Range Flashlight

WALLYLINE Scalable Blue LED 3-Mode Long-Range FlashlightA low-cost option, this light is specifically designed for fishing and hunting as the blue light makes blood easy to see in the dark. The flashlight has 200 lumens and offers a mild light that does not negatively impact on night vision. There are three modes with this flashlight; high, low, and strobe. The LED light is zoomable and scalable, so it can offer a long-range light with a light beam of up to 150 yards. At just 2.08 ounces and measuring 4.7-inches in length, this is a lightweight and compact option that will not take up room or add lots of weight to your tackle bag.


  • Lightweight and compact- Fits neatly in your tackle bag and does not take up room.
  • Three modes- This is a versatile light as it has high, low, and strobe modes for different situations.
  • Blood visibility- Good for filleting fish immediately after catching as the blue light illuminates blood.


  • Poor buttons- The buttons operating the on/off function and the modes are bot the best quality.
  • Tight clip- There is a clip for attachment so that you can use the light in a hands-free manner. However, the clip is so tight that it doesn’t attach easily to many things.

4. Kilofly 4-Set Boat Dock Lure Bait Battery-Powered Green Underwater Fishing Light

Kilofly 4-Set Boat Dock Lure Bait Underwater Fishing LightA good value set of four, these fishing night lights have an LED light and are intended for underwater use from a boat. However, you can also hang them from fishing lines with lures. Each of the lights contains three high lumen LEDs that illuminate a large area 360-degrees around them. The light penetrates deep into the water, which has the dual purpose of attracting fish and providing great vision below the surface of the water. These are some of the best waterproof fishing night lights as they are sealed with silicone rings and are submergible up to 2,100 feet. They are lightweight and portable lights as each one only weighs 1.5 ounces, and they are suitable for both freshwater and seawater fishing.


  • Versatile- Suitable for both seawater and freshwater fishing, and you can use them from a boat or attached to a fishing line.
  • Waterproof- They are waterproof up to 2,100 feet.
  • Portable- A compact and lightweight light that weighs just 1.5 ounces.


  • Switch- The run on switch has a poor design.

5. Sun Via UV LED Black Light Headlamp for Night Fishing

Sun Via UV LED Black Light Headlamp for Night FishingMany anglers prefer a headlamp as it allows them to direct the light when they are completing tasks, and this is a good example of such a product. The light fits easily, securely, and comfortably to your head as it has an adjustable head strap with foam padding in the forehead area. It offers a decent level of brightness, with three settings from which you can choose; low, medium, or high. There is also a built-in strobe feature. The compact design of this headlight means you can easily fit it into your backpack or tackle bag along with your other equipment.


  • Hands-free- The hands-free design means you are free to complete other tasks while having a focused area illuminated.
  • Modes- Has low, medium, high, and strobe settings for use in different situations.
  • Comfortable- An adjustable strap and foam padding mean that this headlamp is comfortable to wear.


  • Poor throw- Although the light is bright, it is a more focused light and does not have much throw.
  • Weak batteries- You will probably need to replace the batteries provided quite soon as customers say that they run out quickly.

6. SupFire Rechargeable Headlamp

SupFire Rechargeable HeadlampWith an adjustable headband and a lightweight design, this headlamp is easy to wear as a hands-free solution to having enough light for your fishing activities. It features a motion switch that turns on the light when you wave your hand in front of the light, which is more convenient than fiddling around with a switch in the dark. This light is rechargeable using a USB cable, which is included with the set. The headlamp has five display modes, including low, high, SOS, red light, and red strobe. ON the high setting, the light runs for around three hours. This is an extremely lightweight product as it weighs just 0.11 pounds.


  • Comfortable- An adjustable headband and elasticated fabric make this comfortable to wear.
  • Lightweight- Easy to carry around and not heavy to wear as it weighs only 0.11 pounds.
  • Versatile- Five modes that are suitable for different situations.
  • Motion sensor- Easy to operate by waving your hand.


  • Low waterproof levels- Lower than IP65 rating, so not the best option for heavy rain.
  • Poor instruction- Comes with an instruction manual, but it is not very clear.

7. Saim LED Light Clip Sea Night Fishing Rod Tip

Saim LED Light Clip Sea Night Fishing Rod TipThis product serves a dual purpose as both a light and an alarm. This light easily attaches to your fishing rod with a simple clip and light the water to improve visibility and to attract fish. It has bells attached to the light so that you are alerted when you have a bite. This is ideal if you enjoy taking a nap when you are out night fishing and waiting for a bite. If you are looking for a budget option, this is a great choice. The pack contains 20 light-bell combinations for under $10, which is amazing value for the money.


  • Great Value- 20 pieces for under $10.
  • Dual-purpose- Combines a light for visibility with a bell to alert you of a bite.
  • Easy attachment- Simple clip to attach the product to your fishing rod.


  • Not much light- Although the light is bright around the product, it does not throw off much light in the surrounding area.

8. Ploarnovo 4-Pack Tactical Red LED Handheld Flashlight with Clip for Fishing

Ploarnovo 4-Pack Tactical Red LED Handheld FlashlightThis handheld flashlight will help to guide your way to the water’s edge and shine across the water to illuminate the fish below the surface. As it has a clip, you can also use it as a hands-free option for when you need to use both hands for completing various tasks. Designed specifically for outdoor night activities, these nights deliver fantastic night vision. The red light is gentle on the eyes and is good for hunting as game are not sensitive to red light. These lights fit easily into your pocket when not in use, as they are just 3.58-inches in length. You can adjust the light to zoom in as a spotlight and zoom out for a flashlight. The three modes include low, high, and strobe. They have a waterproof grade of IPX6, so you can use them in wet conditions, but they are not suitable for submerging in water.


  • Compact and lightweight- Small enough to fit into your pocket and light enough not to make a difference to the weight you are carrying on your trip.
  • Versatile- Hold it in your hand or attach it to your clothing with a clip. You can zoom in or out for flashlight or spotlight, and there are three modes.


  • Not waterproof- If you drop this in the water, it will no longer work. However, it is fine in wet conditions.
  • Weak light- Not as bright as comparable flashlights.

9. Berkley Submersible Flashlight

Berkley Submersible FlashlightIf attracting fish is one of the main reasons you use a night light for fishing, then this is a good choice as the light has six high-intensity green LEDs that will attract most species of fish. This is a long-lasting light that you can use for up to 50 hours. You can use this submergible and waterproof light in either saltwater or freshwater, so it is suitable for all types of fishing. Those who have used this light report that it is very bright and works well for both attracting fish and lighting the surrounding water. There is the option to use it floating on the surface or to attach it to a weight so that it submerges.


  • Good brightness- Despite its compact size, this light offers a good level of brightness for clear visibility and for attracting fish.
  • Long lifespan- Use for up to 50 hours before replacing batteries.
  • Dual-use- You can either float the light or submerse it using a weight.


  • Not for submerging in deep water- You can only submerge this light up to 15 feet, which is not enough for some types of fishing.
  • Lies horizontal- You need to add two weights for it to lie vertical or it lies horizontally.

10. QualyQualy 10-Piece Set Lighted Fishing Floats and Bobbers

QualyQualy 10-Piece Set Lighted Fishing Floats and BobberNot only does this set include 10 glow sticks and 10 fishing floats, but it also includes 10 free rubber clips. Designed for use during both daytime and at night, this product attracts fish to your bait and increases productivity. The floats are made using a good quality Paulownia wood, and the lights are easily inserted into the top of the floats. Each of the glow sticks offers eight hours of light with a visibility range of around 30 meters. They are also useful for alerting you to a bite at night as you will see the glowstick move on the surface of the water. Overall, they are a good lightweight product to keep in your fishing bag ready for trips.


  • Easy to use- The floats and glow sticks are easy to attach and use.
  • Accessories included- Glow sticks, wooden floats, and rubber stops are all included in this pack.
  • Good visibility- Visibility up to 30 meters for up to eight hours.
  • No batteries required- This is a battery-free option, so no worries about replacing batteries.


  • Limited use- These lights are only for use in the water and they do not offer enough light for completing other tasks at the water’s edge.

11. Jiawill Underwater Fishing LED Light for Night Fishing

Jiawill Underwater Fishing LED Light for Night FishingAvailable in three colors, this hexagonal light is designed to prevent the light from rolling around on the deck of a boat. Light is emitted from six sides, so there is 360-degree lighting around the light and 180-degree lighting below the light. It offers 4000 lumens of brightness and is operated using a wide 9-35V DC range. It comes with a cable to supply power. A durable item, the light casing is made from stainless steel rods, which makes this a durable item. Included with the light is an internal storage bag to protect the light from scratching when not in use, and an external bag that contains the light in the internal bag along with the other accessories.


  • Hexagonal design- The hexagonal design prevents rolling on the deck of a boat.
  • Excellent brightness- This light delivers 4000 lumens, which is one of the brightest offerings available.
  • Accessories included- Comes with an internal storage bag, and external storage bag, and a 33-feet cable.


  • Heavy- This is heavy light that is best-suited for boat fishing. It weighs 3.2 pounds, which is a significant weight to carry in a tackle bag.

Buying Guide for Fishing Night Lights

Before buying your night lights, it is important to consider various factors to make sure you make the right decision. The following are some of the different factors you should think about.


Generally, there are three bulb types for fishing night lights. These are:

  • LED- This type of light needs less energy to work and they are known for having a longer lifespan.
  • Covered- Covered bulbs are protected but require maintenance and do not last as long as uncovered or LED bulbs.
  • Uncovered- These lights do not require maintenance. They also last longer and perform better than covered bulbs.

There are also several different types of light in terms of design and use. These include:

  • Headlamps- A popular hands-free option is to wear a headlamp as this directs the light towards your hands when you are completing tasks or on the path or water ahead when walking or fishing.
  • Hands-free- Other hands-free options include lights on a stand, lights with a clip, and wearable lights.
  • Tip and hook attachments- These are usually smaller lights that clip onto either the tip of the rod or attach to the hook.
  • Floating- A floating night light for fishing floats on the surface of the water to illuminate below the surface and attract fish.
  • Submerging- These lights sink deeper below the surface, so they usually have a high waterproof level. These are particularly popular for boat fishing in deeper water.


The brightness of the light is another important factor to consider, as the brighter the light the clearer your vision. However, the brightness can also depend on factors other than the capacity of the product such as how clear the water is in the spot where you are fishing. It is also worth noting that you might not necessarily always need bright light.


Many anglers consider the lumen rating one of the most important features of a night light for fishing, so this is something that you should take into account. The lumen rating is the measurement given to the amount of light emitted by the bulb. This means the higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light.


Wight is important if you are walking to your fishing spot or you have a bit of a hike from your car to the riverside. Things to consider include:

  • The lighter the light the better as you should pack light for your fishing expeditions.
  • Big lights are often tricky to move around, especially if you move from one fishing spot to another.
  • Bigger lights are often more powerful and throw out light over a further distance. You need to balance the size of the light with the weight.
  • It is possible to buy a larger light that has a low weight if it is made from lightweight materials.


Even if you do not choose fishing lights that submerge in the water, the light may come into contact with water or rain. Therefore, it is important to get waterproof lights. Consider the following points:

  • Usually, the bulbs are sealed and waterproof, but this does not necessarily mean the electric components are also waterproof. This is something that you should check.
  • Some bait lights are waterproof to a depth of 2,100 feet. These are ideal for night sea fishing and boat fishing.
  • Lights that also have waterproof electrical components are safer for you to use and offer more versatility in terms of how and where you can use them.


For many people, the price of a product can make a big difference in whether they purchase it or not. When buying night lights for fishing, consider the following points concerning the price:

  • The price does not always reflect the quality as there are some great products available for a low price.
  • Other factors that impact the price include the brand, the size, the materials, and the type of light.
  • You can generally save money when you buy fishing night lights online rather than in a brick-and-mortar store.

The Best Light for Night Fishing- The Final Verdict

With so many products available, finding the best night to meet your needs is often tricky. Hopefully, you have found these product reviews and buying guide useful in making your decision. The overall best light for night fishing on a boat is the Jiawill Underwater Fishing LED Light for Night Fishing as this is exceptionally bright, is designed to prevent rolling on the deck of the boat, and it comes with a range of accessories. The only downside to this product is its weight.

The overall best fishing night light for fishing from the water’s edge is the Kilofly 4-Set Boat Dock Lure Bait Battery-Powered Green Underwater Fishing Light. These are lightweight, waterproof up to 2,100 meters, and suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater.

If you have a limited budget, then one of the best value options is the Thkfish Fishing Rod Tip Glow Sticks. There are 100 glow sticks included in the pack, and each of these provides light for around eight hours. Therefore, you will only need one or two lights per fishing expedition. These are also a lightweight option.

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