overview of party lights and types of party lights

An Overview of Party Lights and the Types of Party Lights Available

Many different elements contribute to the success of a party, including food and music or entertainment. Creating the right atmosphere for people to have a fun and enjoyable time is also important, and the decorations and lighting play key roles in this. When it comes to finding lighting for your party, there are multiple options available. While some of these serve practical purposes, others can add to the decorative theme or they are part of the atmosphere you are trying to create. Here is an overview of why you should consider the different lighting options for your party and the different types of party lights available.

Why You Should Consider Getting Party Lights for Your Party

The venue you choose will have permanent light fittings, but this does not mean you should not worry about the lighting for your party. Lighting at venues is generally very limited, with simple on and off switches on the wall. This limits your lighting options to having the room either fully illuminated or in total darkness. To create a true party feel, you should consider the various other party lighting options available. There are several benefits of adding your own party lighting, and these include:

  • Stylish surroundings-Without party lighting, your venue can look plain and boring. Adding some lighting can help to create a stylish space for your event.
  • Improved lighting options– Adding some of your own lighting to a venue gives you more options to create different moods.
  • A great atmosphere– Different types of parties require different types of atmospheres, and lighting can help you to create the perfect atmosphere for your party.
  • The decorative factor-Adding decorative features to a party room, including lighting, can make a venue seem more appealing and can transform the space from a dull room to somewhere that your guests can enjoy.
  • Party fun– Some types of lighting will add an element of fun to your party

Choosing Lighting for Your Party

Which type of lighting you choose for your party depends on many factors, including your personal preference, the type of party, your budget, and the atmosphere you wish to create. The following is an overview of some of the party lighting options you should consider for your celebration.

♦  Disco Light Balls

disco light ballThese are balls of mirrored glass that have a light focused on them. When the disco ball turns, the light catches the mirrors and sends sprinkles of light across the room. Just like strobe lights, these are best suited to parties where you want to encourage your guests onto the dance floor.


♦  LED Party Lights

party light led This refers to any type of party lighting that functions using LED lights. There are several different options in this category, including LED candle lights. LED strips, and string lights with LED bulbs. LED lights can offer excellent lighting to your home or party venues, and which you choose depends on the look you want. For example, LED candle lights are usually a small table decoration that creates a warm glow in your seating area while also acting as a decorative feature. These are generally one of the cheapest types of party lighting. Strip lights will add a brighter light around the room, while you can use strings of LED bulbs to pour light above the guests.

♦  Party Lights for Decoration

decoration Party lightIn addition to providing a source of light, party lights can also act as part of the decorations. There are many styles that are perfect for decoration, including fairy lights, string lights, and candle lights. Most of these are available in either white or with colored bulbs. Therefore, you can complement the color scheme of your party.

♦  Candle Party Lights

Usually, candle party lights are a form of LED lights. They illuminate the room with a warm glow and look fantastic as a decorative element of your party theme. As they do not glow too brightly, they can set a romantic or magical mood.


♦ Party Disco Lights

party light discoDisco party lights refer to any type of light that is suitable for discos and they are often used by DJs. Two of the most common varieties of disco lights for parties are strobe lights and disco balls. However, there are other options available, including lasers and projectors. In the past, DJs used projectors with halogen lamps, but projectors with LED lights are now more popular.

♦  Party Strobe Lights

Strobe lighting is excellent if you want your party guests to get up on the dance floor as they give your party a great vibe and add an element of fun to any party. Strobe lighting creates a flashing effect, either at regular intervals or following different patterns of flashing. Some flash across the same spot, while others whirl around to send shapes of light around the room. Although white strobe lighting is the most common choice, there are also other colors available and strobe lights with changing colors.

♦ Outdoor Party Lights

party lights outdoorIn the warmer months, you may choose to use your garden or another outdoor space to host your party. If you do, then you will need some outdoor lighting. Before adding any lighting to the outdoors, make sure that they are specifically intended for outdoor use, as indoor lights are sometimes a safety risk. There are multiple outdoor lighting options for parties, including string lights, LED party lights, and fairy lights.

♦  Party Fairy Lights

party light fairyIf your preference is for pretty touches of light rather than bright streaks of light, then fairy lights are a great option. Fairy lights are tiny lights on a string that you can hang around the room or drape over the furniture. They are ideal for transforming a boring room into a romantic space, so they are excellent for weddings and parties for anniversaries or engagements. Fairy party lights are also fantastic for little girls’ birthday parties.

♦  Party Lights Target

Target is one of the biggest suppliers of party lights, and they have a fantastic selection of products. These include options for both indoor and outdoor lighting in almost every style and in a range of colors. Therefore, you should find the perfect lighting for your occasion.

Party Lights- The Bottom Line

Lighting is an important element of creating the right party atmosphere to celebrate an occasion. There are plenty of options available and each type of party lighting suits different types of events. When choosing which is the best option for you, consider the type of atmosphere you want to create, whether you are hosting the event indoors or outdoors, and your budget. You should also think about whether the party lights are intended for decorative or practical purposes.


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